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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 3, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the only unsolved triple order in california, and tonight police have new information that could close the books forever
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and that means justice may finally be on the way, 32 years after three men were shot and killed, execution-style. nbc's cheryl hurd tracking this remarkable story now joining us from san mateo, and cheryl, i suppose, the truth lies in the closet, is that right? >> reporter: that's exactly right, raj. this building was a scene of a horrific crime 32 years ago and now police are working on a tip that could lead to the person or persons who killed these three men. >> he and i were about a year and a half apart, and so it was -- you know we're at the point where we're really starting to become friends. >> all that came to a tragic end for todd anderson on february 4th, 1979. his brother tracy was part of a triple murder inside of what used to be a payless drugstore in san mateo. it's now rite-aid pharmacy. >> i think about it daily. i think about my brother dale sereally what it. >> and now anderson has a little bit of hope after 32 years, his
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family might see justice. san mateo police detectives have a new development that could catch a killer and solve a 32-year-old case. >> two of the young men, they were working on the evening crew. were up in the -- up in the office, shot execution-style and killed. >> reporter: that was billy baumgartner 17 and michael olson a young 24-year-old father. tracy anderson was found by the back door barely alive. he died at the hospital. police won't say when but detectives recently discovered a new lead inside these old binders stored away in a closet. >> the unfortunate part is with the open/active investigation we can't give a lot of information to the public about what it is that we have generated and what we're look working on. >> reporter: but it's credible and worth the countless hours that detectives are sending on the cold case. todd anderson says he has a theory. >> it just all speaks of an inside job. >> the website with all of the details of the case speaks to
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that same theory but this new tip may give police and family members the closure they've been waiting 32 years for. >> yeah, i want to know but it will not bring them back, of course i would like justice but it will not bring him back. >> there's a $75,000 reward leading to an arrest in this case. reporting live in san mateo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. now to the conflict in cairo and a number of significant new developments this evening. egyptians are bracing for another massive rally in the tahrir slave. clashes that are slated to take place a few hours from now. >> and president obama and his administration are in talks actively with top egyptian officials about the possible and immediate resignation of egyptian president hosni mubarak, and the formation after that of an interim government. mr. obama essentially echoing the demands of the demonstrators in egypt and the senate tonight
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passing a nonbinding resolution calling for the embattled 82-year-old mubarak to hand over power and make way for a peaceful transition to democracy. >> until that happens, violent clashes between protesters and loyalists of mubarak continue. nbc's richard engel has more from the egyptian capital as unrest in that square escalates for a second straight day. >> reporter: downtown cairo was again a battleground today. tahrir square has become a primitive fortified camp for demonstrators. demanding that president mubarak resign. the demonstrators hide behind metal shields to throw rocks at mubarak supporters who attacked the protesters from the edges of the square. it's a bizarre scene, where protesters defending the square with molotov cocktails and even fire bombs like a medieval castle under siege. last night the protesters had to fight hard to hold the square sending off hundreds of molotov
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cocktails. and gunfire. several protesters were killed. for the army, the gunfire was too much. a tank rolled between the two sides. a smokescreen to protect the demonstrators. today the army sent more soldiers to stand between competing demonstrations acting as human shields. the troops did reduce the violence significantly giving protesters time to treat the injured in makeshift info informorries. >> the protesters accused president mubarak starting yesterday's attack by sending goon squads. today president mubarak and vice president denied that and mubarak declined in an interview with yaibs news that he's relieved not to be running again but said if i resign today there will be chaos.
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>> health officials say at least five people have been killed so far and more than a thousand injured. richard engel, nbc news, cairo. >> and tonight an american woman remains trapped in her home in cairo right above tahrir square. 73-year-old mary alone and afraid to make it out on her own captured the attention of the u.s. state department after her son contacted nbc news for help. mary's friend lives here in the bay area. tonight we talked to her, coming up in five minutes. we'll have an update on mary's condition and what's being done now to get her out. here at home, the search is on. south bay police looking for a man, they say, attempted to kidnap a girl on her way to school p the botched abduction happened in milpitas this morning. not far from the san jose border. sooey the map near the high school off of 680. here's what we know a 17-year-old girl was followed and then chased b an unknown man speaking spanish. he was on the loose tonight. the suspect's description a
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hispanic male 20 to 30 years old 5'8" with short black hair. wearing a two-toned blue-hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans. you're asked to call milpitas police if you have any information. money that you don't have to struggle too much for. that's what the year of the rabbit promises. chinese new year's celebrations are happening all over the world and in the bay area thousands will head to san francisco's chinatown where merchants are hoping that the economy will take a big leap forward. nbc bay area's jean elle is live in chinatown with the celebrations and supposed to be a year that you can catch your breath, jean. >> reporter: jessica, if you're walking around chinatown they're wishing you a happy new year. with so many people out here celebrating in chinatown here tonight it's expected to to be a prosperous new year for businesses here. the chinese new year kicks off with sparklers and a bang. the year of the rabbit is already hopping in san francisco's chinatown.
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that means working overtime for frank wong. >> basically for the next week, two weeks families will get together have dinner or lunch to celebrate. >> reporter: at orangey lounge tables are packed with families. if you don't have a reservation you may be out of luck. >> we have dinners for the next four nights. >> resting up for days of celebration angela wong and her family picked up take-out. the new year is about spending and sharing money. >> keep coming in. starting today actually, yeah, so we got some lucky money to represent good wealth for the year of the rabbit. yeah, food and everything abundance. >> reporter: while families feast, watching the clock the countdown to the famous chinese new year parade is on and the wear house is buzzing. he's carving figurines out of styrofoam teaching her 9-year-old daughter for sculpting secrets.
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busy bringing the talented and ambitious rabbit to life. and making sure every float will shimmer with gold. back at orangy lounge wong can't wait. >> my favorite's definitely for the parade because everybody gets together. it's a culmination of the celebration. >> a celebration that attracts people from all over the bay area. >> happy new year. >> now the parade is february 19th. if you're really into the year of the rabbit animal control care tells me they have lots of rabbits available for adoption. reporting live in san francisco, jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> that should be fun the year of the rabbit on the chinese calendar, the year of the cat and the vietnamese calendar. just ahead bugs in your burrito and it's a good thing. show you the new entree at this bay area restaurant. >> some of the bikers are arrogant and a lot of walkers are arrogant also. >> road rage, collision, head trauma not just happening in freeways but in parks all over the bay area. tonight it's pedestrians versus
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cyclists. how fast is too fast? come with us as we put the brakes on the cyclists. >> the face of the conflict in cairo. known as mary, the american in the middle of it all in egypt. and good evening i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. the lights are shining bright in san francisco with 49. winds westerly at 7 milesfr per hour and we're seeing temperatures drop throughout the east and the south bay. details on what this colr erous mot owllwiea i for a torrn i a few minutes.
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we want to show you this picture just this in an apartment fire in beijing. hurt by the fireworks set off to celebrate the lunar new year. luckily nobody died but it was serious fire. 20,000 street cleaners called in to clean up an estimated 2,300 tons of exploded fireworks. so where is mary and rescuing her? that's on the agenda for the u.s. state department tonight. after nbc news uncovered that the elderly american woman is trapped in her apartment above the melee at tahrir square.
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mary has lived in egypt more than a decade but tonight she finds herself with no connections to the outside world and no way to get out. what she does have is a friend in the bay area. pleading for her rescue. nbc bay area's george kittiama is live. has she horn from her tonight. >>y. >> talked to mary thornberry this morning but she hasn't talked to her tonight. she hopes to talk to her in a few hours when mary wakes up and knows that mary los angeles a rolling pin, kitchen knife and a walking cane, things that she will use to defend herself in her cairo apartment and tonight we did talk with her longtime east bay friend who hopes that it doesn't come down to using those things. >> reporter: with no water and no way out, 76-year-old mary thorn berry is isolated in her own apartment. in the heart of violent political protests on the streets below. >> sometimes i just hear the huge sound and the chant will be
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"mubarak, mubarak, mubarak." and sometimes it'll be elbaradei. el baradei. >> reporter: hoping that someone will be able to help mary get out. >> i spoke to her this morning and we agreed that she just needed to have whatever rest she could get. >> thornberry says she can't safely leave her building, especially with protesters throwing molotov cocktails from the roof. >> she is all alone. she's on the sixth floor. she knows that the tide rises as far as people coming in the building. and. it's just a horrifying feeling. that she's there all alone. >> reporter: an nbc news crew tried to help but couldn't make it to the building. the state department says it will do what they can to get thornbernie out but in the meantime she's ready to get herself out. >> just as wailed that no one
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could come to -- because i'm apt with my rolling pin. >> reporter: she says that she will leave egypt but just for a little while because cairo will always be home to her. live in hayward tonight, george kiriyama nbc bay area news. move odog walkers, baby strollers, pedestrians and bicyclists. everyone seems to have a story about a near-miss academy on bay area lome trails. but is it time that the police steps in? the accidents on some popular trails. vic vicki, we know that there are plenty of problems. >> reporter: they're doing some things right now. we requested the accident reports on some of the bay area's most well-traveled mixed use trails. the trails where cyclists and pedestrians are supposed to share the space. we also found out what you can do if you're worry nasdaq your favorite trail has become a collision course. one minute she was on a leisurely stroll with her dog. >> i didn't see it coming.
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>> reporter: the next -- >> i heard someone behind the bikers yell "look out" and i turned around. >> reporter: by then it was too late for georgie finch. >> he looked like he was going very fast. >> reporter: the cyclist slammed into her and hit the pavement. she was headachen up and bruised. head-first over handlebars and damaging his bike. >> it seems dangerous and yet everybody is sharing one path especially with you know kids and babies and dogs. >> georgie's story is a familiar one on mixed use trails all over the bay area. >> my husband got banged over one day. the guy says i'm sorry and he walked away. >> reporter: it's not only the cyclists at fault. careless pedestrians need to tune in too. >> a lot of the walkers are arrogant also. >> reporter: recorded 136 bike-involved accidents on its 16 multiuse trails. the south bay's los gatos creek
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trail had 29. east bay regional park district had 51 quarters 1/4 were collisions. golden gate national recreation area only provided one year's worth of data. 33 bike accidents in 2010, most involved solo cyclists riding faster than the 15-mile-an-hour speed limit. ranger patrols los gatos creek trails. >> about 17. yeah if a bunch of kids on the trail and that kind of stuff i'd expect you to slow down about 7, 8 miles an hour. >> reporter: the park gets more visitors each year than most national parks. up to 5,000 people sharing this peace is space on a weekend. he says that most speed verse no idea that the bike slimt 15 miles an hour and slower when cyclists are passing pedestrians or play areas. should keep to the right they have the right of way no matter what. >> when he came across that bridge i'd expect you to come out of there about 9 or so, maybe 8. >> the fastest he's clocked a
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cyclist was 47 miles an hour. it was an automated $200 ticket. >> there isn't anywhere that you shouldn't be going 47 miles an hour on a bike. >> and says while the most conflict comes from bikers versus walkers, worst injuries involved bikers versus themselves. in september a cyclist died after crashing head-first into the pavement in quiksilver park he was wearing a helmet. >> over 25 miles an hour is pretty well documented. the head trauma it can be fatal and most of the time. >> luckily for georgie and max the bruises is all that remains from their collision and a reminder that mixed use trails require attention from everyone in the mix. now if you have speed issues at your favorite park or trail, record the time and date and report it to your park's department and also request radar enforcement or automated signs to slow up the traffic. we found out that most of the park's departments are extremely responsive to speed concerns. vicky nguyen, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, vicky. apparently we have some rain issues. let's talk to jeff about that. >> yes, we do. back there behind vicky but we don't want to take away from that amazing report there. some great stories, vicky. thanks a lot. we take a look here and certainly do need some rainfall. only six days of rain since january 1st, and look at this, the probsablt pretty great here throughout january and february. every seven days there's an 80% chance for at least one raindrop and defied on so many levels. only six days of rain since january 1st. long-term models don't pin any rain drops until february 12th or the 13th so we're expecting more unusual dry weather here in the coming days. time lapse throughout oakland as that sun sets a little bit of cloud cover back near the coastal areas butnal all some brilliant colors once again tonight across most of the bay area. a great night if you did thon get outside and all enjoy it. 63 there in san jose.
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64 in redwood city. 66 in santa rosa and also 62 in san francisco. and tonight, the temperatures dropping with a lot of cold air back in the east and the south bay. that is going to bring us more 30s to start as we head into our inland spots for tomorrow morning and for friday, well, i'm just going to order all of you to get outside and enjoy it, it'll be pretty spectacular, once again. 70s coming back in here in your 7-day forecast. keep mild with this spring air in place all throughout saturday, sunday and monday. the east bay starting out clear with the temperatures in the low to mid 30s. 41 in los gatos. 33 in napa. throughout tomorrow, we'll be about ten degrees below average here in the south bay with 67 in morgan hill. mid to upper 60s from redwood city right into san francisco. and we'll also see temperatures
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close to 70 degrees inland here for concord and also fairfield and for the north bay we're forecasting 70 degrees at this point in santa rosa. more 70s coming our way this weekend. we'll see a little bit of an offshore wind developing saturday and sunday and that'll warm us up into the low 70s as we head england here in weekend. cold nights ahead with temperatures in the 30s and then by monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, winter's still gone mid to upper 60s. so maybe a barbecue on saturday? >> what are you suggesting? >> the barbecue, question mark. >> yes. >> maybe -- >> something for your barbecue too. >> what do you think? >> you'll see bugs in burritos, how about that, jeff? cacacacacacacacacacacacacacacacg
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s. okay very proudly only in the bay area, right, say it proudly. do we cultivate these types of businesses. cras hoppers aren't just insects. >> oh no, at one san francisco restaurant they're an ingredient. the restaurant 7s up traditional delicacies from oaxaca provinces in mexico. tacos andest toados. eat grasshoppers for their high protein and vitamins but sometimes they eat them for the whole fear factor issue. >> you don't think about it. i think about the legs but super tastey. >> yum. grasshoppers are also considered
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aphrodisiacs but if that's not enough for you, the restaurant also serves taranchulas when they're in season. >> a little salsa good. a little snub by the warriors. we'll explain.
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seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business.
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good evening to you. the deal, monta ellis was not selected for the all-star game. milwaukee visiting the arenat all-star snub was hanging in the air but a good vibe emerged in oakland. much love as monte grieves former teammate corey maggette, man hug. meanwhile stephon curry with the huge day of throwing the ball deep. hitting wright on the fly. very impressive, he's number one. monte responding with 24 points. stephon here and milwaukee didn't even know what hit them. terrible defense. 20 seconds left, ellis with a very nifty move. yeah, take that in your western conference all-star team omission stat. the warriors win it 100-94. before the game, we hung out with steph curry to his morning shootaround and captured the shot of the day. yes, going the length of the
11:29 pm
court, he nails it. we caught it. felipe, our photojournalist right there on the scene and that's dan martinez the media relation's guy getting a man hug from stephon curry. access day coming up with steph this weekend. st. mary's beating pepperdine in muraga. cal facings sun devils. and monte doesn't want to let down. arizona state at the bottom of the conference standings but bears are giving young guys trouble. brandon smith from san ramon with the three, nice. he had 11 and freshman allen, he's coming up big, too. he had another big three from nearly the same spot. the bears pull away 66-62. cal winning it. stan ford at maples tonight hosting the top team in the conference, arizona and the cardinal making it a game by pushing the action. jeremy green taking off and launching for the tomahawk.
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that guy's brutal. led the cardinals with 21 points. it's not black jack you can't push. arizona bears down for the 78-69 win. with all of the super bowl talk you're probably headquarter a lot about the guys on the packers from cal, aaron rodgers and desmond bishop of fair field but you can't forget the south bay native, james jones, green bay wide receiver. voted the schools most athletic his senior year making his mark in football, basketball and track before heading to san jose state. we talked to the good folks at gunderson today. >> a typical teenager here and he was kind of a rascal but we loved him and he played more than football. he also played basketball and he was in track, we still have a few -- quite a few members of the staff that were here while he was and they're all excited about it and the students are, too. >> a backup defensive back on the packers from vacaville bush,
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and you can't forget he's on the i.r. and san leandro. they are the green bay packers. >> are we watching the game all together, all of us? >> i'm bringing friedthatat's i >> i'm bring nachos. >> back in a moment. w
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mtv is about to bring a couple of cultural icons, if i can say that, from the '90s and
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use that loosely. >> heavy metal music and their trademark, giggle. >> ahh. >> beefisane buttmaryland making a comeback. return to the airwaves this summer. the show's creator says written 30 new shows. the original beavis and butthead and start a feature film called beavis and butt dlooed head do america. >> and now it's beavis and butthead middle age. thanks for joining us. "jay leno" is next. >> see you tomorrow.


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